1972 STP NASCAR Trading Cards

The 1972 STP set was the first time Stock Car drivers were depicted on a standard size 2 ½” x 3 ½ inch trading card.  The set is composed of 11 different unnumbered cards featuring 10 different drivers.  Fred Lorenzen has two cards each with a different photo on the front but identical card backs.  All of the cards have full bleed color fronts on thin postcard type stock with blue lettering on the back.  The card back features the driver’s name, town, birth date and Zodiac sign.    

Each card back also has a few sentences about the driver’s accomplishments and performance from the first 31 races of the 1971 NASCAR season.   At the bottom of each card is:

Compliments of STP CORPORATION
125 Oakton St. – Des Plaines, Ill. 60018
Color by Racing Pictorial Magazine, P.O. Box 500, Indianapolis, Ind. 46224

The 1972 STP set is the most sought after Stock car trading card set because it was the first ever produced, and all of the cards contained in this set are rookie cards with the most famous of all being Richard Petty.  Cards turn up rarely in the mainstream trading card market and are very scarce in pristine condition.  With their popularity among collectors combined with their rarity, the 1972 STP set is “the set” to have in every Stock car trading card collector’s racing card collection.

1972 STP Checklist – 11 un-numbered cards

Benny Parsons
Bobby Allison
Buddy Baker
Charlie Glotzbach
Dave Marcis
Elmo Langley
Fred Lorenzen with car (Very RARE)
Fred Lorenzen
James Hylton
Richard Brooks
Richard Petty