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I have been collecting NASCAR trading cards since 2005 and in that time, I realized that information for early NASCAR trading card sets is hard to find.  I have amassed information since then that I want to freely share. Make sure to checkout the NasCardRadio podcast or the NasCardRadio Video version on YouTube.

This Blog and Podcast is dedicated to educating and bringing awareness about Racing trading cards.

I know the web is full of Sports Trading Card Blogs, Podcasts and box breaks but no one has the in-depth information on the early NASCAR racing cards as RacingCardInfo and it’s only a few clicks from here.  Check out the old Price Guides in the Price Guide Archive or check out how to spot a fake 1988 Maxx Dale Earnhardt Sr. in the Latest Articles section.

This site is different because it is dedicated to NASCAR Sports Trading Cards and only NASCAR Sports Trading Cards.  The World’s leading expert in NASCAR Trading Cards.